– Web Design – Online Marketing Fundamentals

This week’s episode is brought to you by Full Sail University brought. With immersive, fast-paced degree programs designed for both on-campus and online for the n …


20 Responses to “– Web Design – Online Marketing Fundamentals”

  1. Yuvraj Singh


  2. Valentino Nerro

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    implement a social marketing plan it doesn’t get any more basic to
    comprehend where your time and effort needs to be spent

  3. amal danushka

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  4. TheSkoolRocks

    Thanks for your feedback Wad.

  5. Fernando Martinez

    If you take most of your time on something you will remember it. This is
    Youtube and it is easy to get distract watching a lot of videos. Some times
    people can’t even remember all the videos they watch. If you can take 30
    minutes to watch a video it will be easy to retain everything and to
    remember it- in a different, but good way.

  6. r4ar Product

    Permission Marketing, lol. I hate those adverts that want interaction. I
    just leave em to time out or I leave the page. Adblock and Safari ‘pop-up
    block’ forever too.

  7. Jose Caballer

    Also, can you tell me what do you watch in general. For example: Do you A.
    Watch more “how-to tutorials” or B. “Interview shows”

  8. bashzer0

    They say this over and over, this is not a tutorial show. You’re not going
    to get step by step instructions on online marketing strategies, or any
    topic for that matter. These talk shows are more about providing food for
    thought. As a seasoned professional, I appreciate the kind of conversations
    that take place in this series. I’ve learned a lot from these shows as far
    as shifting the way I think about projects. If i need more technical
    information, I go and find it.

  9. CRlSTO

    Even tho the show is 30 minutes long, it feels like you go trough
    everything way too fast and very scripted, not too much of a conversation,
    its a bunch of timed reading and alot of cutting off people when they are

  10. Monnel Espiritu

    Awesome!!! 10:D

  11. Jose Caballer

    Wad thanks for the feedback. I will do an episode that gives you a more
    tactical step by step view. Out of curiosity what discipline are you? eg?
    Designer, Developer?

  12. WasyldaGod

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    Code, but then I showed them the results. Go google Certor Cash Code to see
    their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  13. Wad Starian

    I’m interested in these topics but never get much out of your episodes due
    to what seems to be inefficient rambling. Can you deliver these episodes in
    a more concise, informationally robust package?? Marketing should be able
    to deliver an effective targeted message that gets straight to the point
    and ends quickly and cleanly allowing the target audience to retain the
    information provided. Instead it comes off as convoluted and sloppy. Sorry,
    but I really have trouble with your delivery.

  14. ArtKrishnamurti

    I’ve been saying these things for months now. You guys have an awesome
    platform and surely have the experience that others can learn from. But the
    structure and methodology of the show is really terrible. Sorry, I hate to
    criticize someone offering something free, but to be honest, this show
    seems less about offering knowledge and more about promoting your own

  15. HereIsScott

    Firstly I tried skipping a min to cut to the “message” but couldn’t find it
    and got to the end of the video. Secondly, having a guy come on and start
    spewing stuff from Seth Godin and Gary V is just desperate/ robbery/
    unimaginative and a perfect example of how hollow these shows are.

  16. ozaxian

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  17. . .

    what a bunch of crap

  18. Mike Newby

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    method of the month”.. Today’s children might? be looking at “holograms” of
    marketing messages from beams blasting out of their smart phones.. While
    the methods of marketing and making money change.. The principles are the
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  19. Marius frogsign

    nors iš dalies reklaminis, bet vistiek naudingas
    Online Marketing Basics

  20. wiseborn appiah kubi

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