Watch Dogs: Fast Reputation, Blume Affiliates, Silenced Weapons (Watch_Dogs Tips and Tricks)

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Shilpa Shetty gives tips for red carpet

Watch Dogs: Fast Reputation, Blume Affiliates, Silenced Weapons (Watch_Dogs Tips And Tricks)

Mumbai, July 23: Actress Shilpa Shetty attended the red carpet of Vogue Beauty Awards in Mumbai Tuesday. The actress looked stunning in a black outfit by Monisha Jaisingh complimented by a fabulous nail art. She was one of the judges for Vogue Beauty …
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FNB Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

… Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland and provides a full range of commercial banking, consumer banking and wealth management solutions through its subsidiary network which is led by its largest affiliate, First National Bank of Pennsylvania, founded in …
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25 Responses to “Watch Dogs: Fast Reputation, Blume Affiliates, Silenced Weapons (Watch_Dogs Tips and Tricks)”

  1. mark heijnekamp

    I have too much money

  2. Spartan Angel

    Is watchdogs worth buying?

  3. poeya nabi

    what are u supposed to do with money ???? I have more then 100k now 

  4. domenbe

    A tip for the next video: If you’re having trouble finding the criminal
    when trying to prevent a crime, use focus, and the criminal will be
    outlined just like an enemy would be.

  5. HDGamingRawr

    great video dan :)

  6. za0000222


  7. hermieowner366

    What I was in the red and I thought that was good.

  8. Japetsy

    I was going to buy the best pistol from the shop and then I noticed I had
    the pistol already! 😀 I didn’t even notice I had picked it up! :D

  9. Geilkindfan

    I personally think Watch Dogs is a good alternative for Assassin’s Creed,
    when it becomes boring.

  10. XxSILLISxX

    The Spec Ops 1911 isn’t OP, It’s realistic. 1 shot to the head and your

  11. Derp Plays

    This game would be even more fun if it had a silenced weapon of all types.
    There are no silenced sniper rifles in the game :(

  12. silentc0re

    [New #WatchDogs Video] Tips & Tricks Episode 3! Increase your rep, silenced
    weapons & more! 

  13. Sonic Jensen

    Wasting money, i have waaay to much :/

  14. Vlad Domozhirov

    runescape pls.

  15. Robert Pinkham

    Hopefully your youtube channel starts getting some watch dog fans over to
    it i’ve been here since your 1-99 guides and ill be staying for your
    watchdogs gameplay :D

  16. Martin Jørgensen

    Doing Crimes are not only the fastest, but also the only real way of
    increasing your reputation. So saying that they are the fastest is pretty
    much pointless, when compared to… well, the fact that there’s really
    nothing else that’s repeatable, that lets you improve reputation. Certain
    story missions give you a rep boost, but they are none-repeatable.

  17. banana bunana

    I dont wana be a härter but what you said about dont bye cars is wrong

  18. gavegast20

    Am I the only one who went NO SHIT, NO SHIT, NO SHIT throughout the video?
    (no offense btw :P)

  19. Mahomala TGAG

    is free roam multiplayer free? without any xbox or playstation memberships?

  20. Masterluc101

    You still have to pay for the cars after you unlock them, the only way to
    get them for free permanently is to hack a citizen who owns one, or buy it.

  21. Kyle Martin

    I’m trying to get special stuff so hard to collect all bodies, qr codes and
    other investigations 

  22. TheJom101


  23. Squidy VonTenties

    Thank you for all the info, it helps me create videos and makes me look
    more pro then I am, thank you.

  24. Brandon Kim

    Spec ops goblin is the best for stealth

  25. ChrisOwen96

    Yeah everyone is right, i have WAAAY too much money, reminds me of GTA4,
    there was absolutely nothing to spend your money on, i just chuck money
    into the hotspots as soon as i can. Need things to spend money on, maybe
    some DLC high value outfits, more cars and weapons. Maybe add some hideouts
    to buy in the DLC or some online characters and outfits to buy. Prime
    example of a game like this with great things to buy is Saints Row 2 if i
    can remember correctly, you could buy hideouts and upgrade them with your
    earned cash, really took me a while to upgrade all of those.