Understanding Exchange

Mr. Parikh discusses stock market basics, how to take place manipulation, market bubbles, etc.

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25 Responses to “Understanding Exchange”

  1. billionkek

    I can’t listen to an Indian speak! the accent is terrible!

  2. Nandesh Hubballimath

    Good one, cleared some points in market, thanks

  3. Srinivasan Narayanan

    very boring…. 

  4. heatwave59


  5. Rajat Dighe

    Thankyou Sir !!

  6. Ranjan V

    7:15 sleepy gal

  7. Kevin Colt

    oh god.. another useless video about stocks.

  8. Vineet Patawari

    Nice presentation. Without proper training it’s very difficult to make
    money in the market. People who are entering markets must start watching
    any of the business channels (like CNBC, NDTV profit etc), follow share
    markets regularly, read atleast one business newspapers (like Economic
    Times,Business Line etc). Visit websites like moneycontrol regularly which
    give you info. about various investment related matters. Formal training
    from institutes (like Kredent Academy) can help greatly.

  9. karthic indian

    Can u send me the presentation slide to – karthicaliasindian@gmail.com

  10. Chandra Bommanaveni

    Very interesting session, real eye opener !

  11. delyssandra

    I’m sure this lecture was good…but I couldn’t get past his very strong
    accent. Takes more time to comprehend what he’s saying than the actual

  12. Rawtrader Malcolm

    0:25:53 my answer is because they corporations need the money. that what
    the market is set up for.

  13. Chandrak Vania

    Stock market is 70 % psychological game and 25 % technical or fundamental
    and 5% luck.

  14. Money Technicals

    Mr. Parikh discusses the Indian stock market trading tips basics, how
    manipulations take place, market bubbles and much more

  15. Value Investor


  16. ppfasltd

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    prior (written) permission is required in case you desire to re-broadcast
    them or use it in any other manner. Also, these videos should not be used
    for any commercial gain. You may send an e-mail to ppfasltd@gmail.com,
    mentioning the manner in which you would like to use it. We will revert
    within a couple of days of receiving the e-mail.

  17. david jackson

    i want to have cash now!

  18. Rajendra Prasad

    awesome presentation on stocks

  19. dinshu12

    Thank you so much Sir!!

  20. nehaalwaysfriends

    Paise se paisa kamayein stock bazar mein apni kismat azmayein. Dial
    0120-3967600 and get subscribe stock bazar kundali adhar service. Its free
    till Jan 31st 2013. Its an awesome service. I buy and sell shares daily
    based on their prediction.

  21. Senthuran Senthur

    Can u pls send me a copy?

  22. Phaseme0810

    you only made 5,000 dollars last year damn you are a big money balla

  23. Eminem

    Awesome …My first step Understanding Stock Market 😀

  24. Manikandan R

    Experts talk of tons of variables … IIP, GDP, P/E, EPS, PEG, ROE, ROI
    …. Our Education System basically lacks Financial Knowledge …. Retail
    Investors in US are more smarter than Indian retail investors … This
    video makes a lot of statements, but still won’t help you find the right
    path or explain a single term in a proper way … I am sure you are scared
    of markets at the end of this video …

  25. rcare00712

    i dont understand how can one dislike such an informative share… Many
    thanks to Mr. Parag Parikh….

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