The feeling in your business 3 Marketing Basics stuck to you Get Unstuck

 feeling in Your Business-3 Marketing Basics stuck to you Unstuck Do you feel stuck in your business. Take this great business marketing advice on getting unstuck in business. Inspired by my ment …

Marketing FAQ: Marketing Basics and Principles

For marketing fundamentals and principles, you will become a need some basic things, such as data sheets, marketing studies and a map. Here are some marketing basics a … Video Rating: 5/5


4 Responses to “The feeling in your business 3 Marketing Basics stuck to you Get Unstuck”

  1. Corys Mobile Carwash/Detailing

    I love your videos and this one really help me alot because Im always
    thinking about that. So please keep the videos posted because you and
    mariefoleo are the best that I seen.Videos like this is the reason I have
    one of the most successful auto detailing businesses in Houston, TX so
    again I want to say Thank U and if you’re ever in Houston and need your car
    detail call Corys Mobile Detailing lol!!!!!!!!!! Have a blessed day.

  2. Dana Che

    Hey Cory, thank you. I’m glad you’re finding value in my videos. Best to
    you in your business. If I’m ever in Houston and need my car detailed, I’ll
    look you up. 😉

  3. Dan Haller

    I’m sorry, but this video is misleading. When talking about Marketing
    Basics the first and only thing you should be talking about is the
    customer. Everything in Marketing is about understanding customer needs and
    creating an offering that serves this need better than the competition.
    Micro environmental (i.e. competition etc). and macro environmental (i.e.
    geography etc.) are important to analyze, I agree. But what is a Marketing
    FAQ without mentioning the customer?! It is nothing.


    that was a good video

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