“Tecmo Bowl for Dummies* Tecmo Bowl Gamer Tips

Got this from a VHS gamer tip video. The video was made in 1989. Pretty funny stuff.

4 Kinston men arrested, 2 sought in woman's shooting death

"Tecmo Bowl For Dummies* Tecmo Bowl Gamer Tips

Anyone with information on the suspects' whereabouts can call Goldsboro Police at 919-705-6572, the Kinston Department of Public Safety at 252-939-3160 (or the tips line: 252-939-4020 / tips@ci.kinston.nc.us), or the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office at …
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Doctors Aren't Dummies: Support the Patient Trust Act

Doctors aren't dummies. They don't need politicians to tell them what they can and can't say to patients, or how to administer tests and treatments. On September 8, the House Democratic Policy Committee convened to explore the need to pass the Patient …
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25 Responses to ““Tecmo Bowl for Dummies* Tecmo Bowl Gamer Tips”

  1. ufan4life

    Answer me one question please, was the smartass answer needed? It was my
    fault to yell, not necessary, my apologies but please don’t be a smartass
    online, I obviously didn’t know, that’s all me for going too far, but next
    time, please don’t be a smartass.

  2. LuvTheSnapper

    that zigzag is the SHAKE AND BAKE!!!

  3. generalb4

    For the Wii verson, is a stiff arm the same thing as a break tackle?

  4. johnnysama

    I loved playing as Seattle in this game.

  5. Emit79

    It should of been the other way around, can the colts stop DAN MARINOS
    passing attack.

  6. BitterPoetMadman

    LOL I agree, they should have used Miami’s passing ATTACK

  7. babcockdc

    Hmm…you definitely switch receivers by pressing the ‘A’ button, not the
    ‘B’ button.

  8. bildo1977

    This beats the hell out of Skip Rogers!

  9. Zach Good

    Hahaha the guy just said “Indianapolis’s passing attack.” I wouldn’t call
    any offense involving Jack Trudeau and Pat Beach an “attack.”

  10. seed883

    haha oh wow

  11. Brenden O'Leary

    lol i have this game on wii

  12. sizzles666

    Roger Craig over the middle…

  13. gunther15

    lol this is awesome

  14. rockjohnson80



    It was a joke, as in “sarcasm”. I have a dry sense of humor, obviously you
    could’nt tell. I responded that way because i can read, i saw that your
    comment was posted 5 months ago, so i assumed somebody had already told
    you. As for the rest of it, i think you hit the nail on the head, “kids
    these days” because you have ALOT of growing up to do. Getting bent over
    something like that! If it bothered you could ignore it, right?

  16. Cautionwurm

    This almost makes me want to play this right now <_<

  17. familyfriends10

    hilarious. I didn’t know they had a techno bowl for dummies VHS tape.

  18. ToonsNTeases

    LOL….I love how when you “stiff-arm” someone, they fly off you and tumble
    about 25 yards…not to mention the 10-yard dive tackles. This game was
    hilarious but awesome.

  19. ufan4life

    I could be a dick, but I won’t, 2 things btw 1.) This was 5 months ago, so
    nice job replying soon, I found out btw. 2.) GO FUCK YOURSELF, you have
    better things to do than this, go out and do something, I was asking a
    question, I cant ask a question w/o getting a smartass on here? KIDS THESE
    DAYS -_-

  20. ristar200

    Yes. I think that he messed up by calling it “stiff arm” As it is a break

  21. dapitbull123

    thanks………. lmao


    The Colts offense is a tank. With patience, you methodically move down the
    field witht he passing game. Set up in the pocket with Trudeau(& eventually
    roll out to evade defenders), and lure the human defender deep down field
    off screen then hit the underneath routes for 7-10 yards. Do that enough,
    and the defense starts to call pass plays. When that happens Dickerson is
    free’d up to devastate the defense. If you can master that style, Indy can
    win a lot of games.

  23. Toad Speedgaming


  24. ufan4life

    what button do you press to throw please help

  25. dj munchies

    thanks for the tips ima go play now lmao