Pinterest – How affiliates are making $1000 per day

There are claims of some affiliates making $ $ $ thousands a day through Pinterest. If you want to see how they do it then watch this. More tips here: http://w…
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For all the top tips for the 2013 Open Championship go to: The 2013 Open Championship takes place at Muirfield this week – and we have narrowed down the field…
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5 Responses to “Pinterest – How affiliates are making $1000 per day”

  1. ebayisajoke

    Didn’t they remove the linking feature?

  2. ebayisajoke

    Ok i checked, they no longer allow redirect links or affiliate links. lol
    There are ways around it tho. They still allow you to link to your own
    personal site but not to an Amazon affiliate link or redirect.

  3. David Frosdick

    Don’t think so. That’s how people get traffic, you can Pin items on sites
    or Pin your affiliate link.

  4. Jon Wilde

    Hi, this is Jon from the video. Thanks for your comment. We couldn’t
    mention too many players or the video would have been way too long!
    However, on Els, I take your point but feel that now well into his 40s,
    it’s asking a lot for him to win back-to-back Opens. Good point on Stenson
    – certainly worth a look in the top Scandinavian market but continental
    Europeans have a poor strike-rate in Majors with only Kaymer winning one in
    this century (Olazabal at the Masters the last prior) Good luck!

  5. jrussell06

    John has singled out 4 of my 6 selections in this video! Snedeker (main
    bet), D.Johnson, Day and Wood. We’ll either be dancing in the streets or
    crying into our beers at the same time on Sunday How has no one actually
    given Els a mention!? May have missed the cut at Scottish Open, but he is
    reigning champion, won at Muirfield in ’02, won in the last month as well
    as good finishes at The Masters and US Open. Another at a nice price is
    Stenson. Been playing well and 2 3rd place Open finishes