Pinterest and Pinterest Marketing Basics

” Pinterest” • Basics: What is Pinterest and How Do I Use it? • By: Michele Facini • Presented by: Bruce Fowler (no bs) Fowler •is an …

Pinterest And Pinterest Marketing Basics – 1000’s of salon owners have tapped into the genius of Michael Colosi’s spa and salon owner consultancy…..get a gli…
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  1. graceinguelph

    painful to listen to. maybe you should have read the text a few times
    before recording.

  2. serveryou74

    wow im? gonna try this later

  3. RefrainCinema

    i put this vid on stumbleupon

  4. Marekgta200

    That video was fucking amazing, looking through your other videos now.

  5. Cuong Mai Thanh

    This video really brings out from the rest, it is absolutely fascinating!

  6. monsterhmvq

    A one hell of a video!

  7. Cuong Nghiem Chi


  8. Ethan lam

    Love the vids<3

  9. sherilmyers

    stop buffering this brilliant video lol

  10. 1997fuzail

    its not good

  11. adidaskevhef

    i want this!!!

  12. Marco Adriano

    wow you so great keep that! really wait see more from you.

  13. dulieu01a

    Class! Nice video mate!

  14. TreyHax

    How long did this video take to make? Its AMAZING!

  15. alex caruso

    this is your best video yet!

  16. DrVagex

    Chuck Norris Loves you.

  17. lam xuan tran


  18. Hổ Đào Mạnh

    Put together perfectly.

  19. vuongnu54

    WOW just WOW

  20. Marekgta200

    Awesome…. Where do you get your inspiration?



  22. Rubatko

    this should get more views

  23. loner1905

    hahah,this is great,you should consider making a short film

  24. clstation

    Wow! Im checking out your other videos for sure!

  25. An Le Hong


  26. gonepostl1fy

    i love you channel

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