Participation in the Amazon Associates program and affiliate locales

video tutorial provides instructions for joining Amazon as an affiliate and how products abroad by joining the Associates Program to promote for each … Video Rating : 5/5

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27 Responses to “Participation in the Amazon Associates program and affiliate locales”

  1. Ryan Stevenson

    Hi Grant, You’re quite welcome. Yes, I’ll be continuing this video series
    to go deeper into various aspects of being an Amazon affiliate, which will
    also include WordPress tutorials. New videos will be released at least once
    a week and possibly every few days. Ryan Stevenson

  2. SandboxWithCover

    Thanks for the video Ryan! Are you going to go more into what to do once we
    are signed up for the other countries?

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  5. luminor007

    Great marketing video, the biggest and most important question for me is,
    after finding that other big eBay and Amazon sellers are selling 400,000
    items a month. Before you can even start marketing and competing with
    them, HOW do you buy the stock for less than they are? These huge
    wholesale businesses/sellers are obviously buying millions of items at a
    time to be able to sell 400,000 every few months with huge warehouses and
    staff. This is how they can sell at a huge discount because they are
    spending $500,000 – $millions every few months in stock. An average guy
    that can only buy 100 items (that would still be over $1000 at just $10
    each item) would have to pay a lot more ‘per item’ and that is IF he can
    even find where to buy the stock from of the same quality? (buying from
    China will not mean you can pay any less than the 400,000 sellers). I
    would be very interested to hear you opinions on this? This is more
    important than finding the items to sell.

  6. herringfly

    Why can’t I stop thinking about Dudley Moore?

  7. MrYooo1993

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  8. Deimira Baidoo

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  10. Jonathan King ThatJoblessGuy

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  11. Ted Wosko

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  12. Elias Perez

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  13. Kirk Wilson


  14. Don-Alan Rekow

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  15. Ted Wosko

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  16. Kirk Wilson

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  18. Kirk Wilson

    John, my son is 12 and he is a bright kid that wants to start selling on
    EBAY. Do you think your course is too intense for a 12 year old. Of course
    I can guide him thru.

  19. Ted Wosko

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  20. Marketing & Products

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  21. Jonathan King ThatJoblessGuy

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  22. Jonathan King ThatJoblessGuy

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