Morning Break: Evidence-Based Medicine Ailing?

Morning break: Evidence-Based Medicine Ailing Dr. Wes ponders why blogging by doctors has become stagnant or has begun to wane. Stanford Medicine Profiles Joshua Landy, MD, the … behind doc Psychiatrists Top Cash-Only MD list. 12/12/2013. |. 20 CME-48 adopted. Why is a woman’s heart a bad … Read more on MedPage Today
in series for the money Quick Picks 6 January 2014 Today Streak for the Cash board is a little early-heavy, as most of the sports world will be focused on tonight’s BCS National Championship Game in Pasadena. Before the big game tonight, there are several picks from the European game to us … Read more at Fantasy CPR
All Hail The Uber Man! How Sharp elbows sellers Travis Kalanick If The driver does not accept cash, not even for a tip. Instead, the app automatically loaded ….. It was not long, Kalanick blogging began his investment and his philosophy, sometimes boasting about new millionaire lifestyle. “Chris Sacca got a … Read more on Business Insider Australia

LUISA CLOCK: Why Luisa Zissman would be devastated, be the first Yahoo Contributor Network – Harry Maxwell is good friends with Luisa Zissman and blogging their daily CBB antics for Yahoo! Last night on Celebrity Big Brother, the housemates nominated and I am sad that my partner-in-crime to showbiz events say. .. Read on

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