LESSON 1 Affiliate Marketing Basics – Free Tools and Training

http://workwithandre.com/ Affiliate Marketing Basics Training + some cool 100% free tools that you can use right now to learn affiliate marketing. As …



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  1. Patrick Deruytter

    Hi Andre, thank you for this very pedagogic video. By the way I saw at the
    end the edicy example of Brugge, one of my countries’ most touristic cities
    which is known as Venice of the north. I grew up 30 km from Brugge and know
    the city quite good with the horses and carriages i.e. One thing I learned
    and surprised me some years ago is that your country Estonia is the most or
    one of the most internetted countries of the world, did you know that?
    Regards Bobby White

  2. Audrey K. Wen

    I love Andre..Especially how generous you are to share this. I put your
    lessons in my Facebook TV channel;) Get you more shares.

  3. Andre Nurmik

    Thank you so much Colette! I`m really glade you like it. Yes I`m actually
    doing it as a FREE E-mail marketing training series. Right now I don`t know
    yet how much video… probably as much as needed :)

  4. Andre Nurmik

    I`m really glade you like the information! This is what drives me, when
    peopel find it useful! Thank you so much Audrey! You are awesome 😉

  5. Coach Colette

    Great information Andre, and very well delivered…looking forward to more!!

  6. Naz Ozman

    Thank you Mr.Bassell, very insightful tips and philanthropic sharing, keep
    up the good spirit.

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