Is Affiliate Marketing Supersaturated?

Is Affiliate Marketing Supersaturated?

Learn how I a living online with affiliate marketing. # amillionairemom (Best Affiliate Marketing coaching program for beginners) (best affiliate mark …

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25 Responses to “Is Affiliate Marketing Supersaturated?”


    god bless you for your advice

  2. David Banther

    As usual, amazing content.

  3. deliverguard

    Hey Lisa by chance and not by choice I stumbled onto you and I had 2
    immediatly subscribe to your chanel I think your presentation is AWESOME
    look forward 2 hear more of what you have 2 say. Thanks

  4. Conceptskatemedia

    Thats a fantasic income, from what you can see Lisa works really hard and
    still does to this day. She is always offering support on her forum. I
    guess that shows it will pay of but you have to keep working at it.

  5. IMMarketingTutorials

    Hey great video loved the content.

  6. Ruth Pople

    Lisa, I am a huge fan. Do you do speaking engagements?

  7. Pbeas52

    Very well said Lisa: great video!

  8. CrazyFishFarmer

    I just started doing this…. Still putting my site together… But already
    making $… Not much but its growing…. If a CrazyFishFarmer can do it….
    Any one can… You just need to build good content…

  9. Kevin Hagen

    Thanks Lisa. I think you are right on. Some of the sites out really leave a
    lot to be desired. Keep it up!

  10. blktrekie29

    One of the things that people may not realize is that there are as many
    industries to make money online as there are in the offline world. Everyone
    that makes money online doesn’t make money in the same industries or using
    the exact same methods for that matter. There are more legit ways to make
    money online now than ever before. Also, the number of people who go online
    and search for stuff to buy is increasing on a yearly basis. In short, the
    answer is no.

  11. mark christopher

    lisa is cool

  12. SmokeNoMore

    3:33 4grand – wow! Imean being that I am presently BROKE (hahha) sounds
    good to me!

  13. zyberguy360

    Great Video Blog!!! I started learning a year ago. I found your site doing
    random research, last summer. I was ready to throw in the towel and this
    one video changed my whole perspective. You are so encouraging and REAL!
    Today, I am putting skills to use. I agree with you about affiliate
    marketing being here to stay.

  14. Vigatos

    She stated in a video that she does not disclose her earnings for privacy,
    but she said she makes a six figure income at least.

  15. filmsforpeace

    Good work Lisa. You are building trust. Thank you again.

  16. ynnadnnyl

    can you help me out by stating what are the current methods that still
    work. I’m new to this and have a disability that prevents me from doing the
    physical work that I’ve done most of my life. I’m trying to understand this
    whole concept of affiliate marketing and earn some extra money each month.

  17. Young Lee


  18. FifteenYearMarketer

    Definitely agree with you Lisa. Another common misconception is also that
    those “undersaturated” markets that don’t have CB products at above 100
    gravity and other ridiculous criteria’s are a failure and don’t make much
    money. Look at that guy you lisa talked about in one video who runs that
    digital photography blog/site and makes 6 figures? Has anyone ever seen a
    digital photography product on CB with over 100 grav?

  19. Deborah Hansen

    Thanks Lisa for this positive upbeat video. I agree affiliate marketing is
    not dead. Just do it…Find what people are searching for and add to the
    conversation. Something that is uniquely, your voice, your feedback, and
    your review of what you have tried.

  20. neon flux

    I love this video, its so relevant right now

  21. quickjazz55

    What the World needs now is more Lisa’s. That’s the only thing that there’s
    just too little of! 😉 Off the Chain Lisa! Continued Success & Blessings!

  22. Lisa Irby

    What a nice compliment. THANK YOU and good luck to you! :)

  23. zyberguy360

    (Pt2) The way I see it. About 50 years from now (if not sooner) EVERYTHING
    WILL BE DONE ONLINE. By everything I mean all methods for financial
    transactions and the barter of services. Affiliate marketing is a great way
    to secure your future and establish a truly independent means of freedom in
    a co-existant global society. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, LISA! We need more
    like you in this field!

  24. myworldonyes

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your awesome videos, keep up the good work :)

  25. jjong0711

    @lisa3876 Hey Lisa, first off, great video. It’s good to hear at the end of
    the day, it’s about creating good content that really helps people. I’m
    just starting off with affiliate marketing and there’s of information
    overloading my mind right now. However, I’m trying to go back to the basics
    and focus on providing answers to people’s questions as well as giving them
    content that they’d want to read and learn from.

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