How To Make Money Online Blogging From Home – Must See How to “Make Money Online” by Blogging from Home on the things you know, like, trust, care, and respect about. Making money on the…
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Seedfund that germinates a leader in a niche

Each fund can only manage a certain number of companies, but because they have the money and a limited time within which to invest, they end up giving a higher amount to the venture than what it requires, pushing up the valuation. There is no logic to …
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Clergy Housing Tax Break Withstands Challenge – Atheist Group Lacks Standing

… in its challenge to the parsonage exclusion (Code Section 107(2)) and the prediction prize goes not to one of the erudite lawyers who have opined on the case, but rather my blogging buddy and go-to-guy on all matters evangelical, Reverend William …
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