Getting Traffic to Your Blog for WAHM Affiliates

Getting Traffic to Your Blog for WAHM Affiliates

2 Simple but effective ways to get traffic to your blog in order to be a better affiliate. Tips on using SEO and social networking online to get traffic to y…


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  1. Allie Irish

    +Ramblings of a WAHM Quick and really simple ways to get traffic back to
    your blog. 

  2. Allie Irish

    Ha ha! I painted my nails orange for the SF Giants!! World Champs! I’m a
    huge fan. Don’t be scared of twitter, I have mini conversations there so
    often, it’s fun. It is a great way to communicate. I share so much there!
    Tweet chats are reoccurring chats on Twitter. Someone hosts the chat & it
    will happen every week or month on schedule. The trick is to use the
    Hashtag (#) to stay in the conversation. I can’t put links here so simply
    search “tweet chat”. It will show up as a Google Doc.

  3. Renae Christine

    I love your orange nails! Can you tell me more about tweet chats? I’ve been
    so scared of Twitter but need to get more into it. How do you find said
    tweet chats? What are you favorite tweet chats? Also, many people don’t
    realize that when you socialize and post on other people’s blogs and on
    forums that helps SEO efforts as well.