Fundamentals of Marketing Basics (Part 1)

Key marketing terms and concepts. More free learning resources: Video Rating:. 4/5


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  1. Andrea Alvarado

    hi can someone tell me whats a bachelor of commerce and business in
    marketing, and what jobs you can get with that? Im really interested in it
    but im not sure if thats what i want to do.. someone plzzz help.

  2. Jason Nunn

    Last week I witnessed possibly the most disturbing scene of my life at

    A dude from an advertising agency was pitching for our account in the
    boardroom. There was just him & a stunning beautiful young woman (late
    teens/early 20s)- nobody could work out why she was there. Then he said
    “THIS is what we’re going to do to your competitors”; he made her bend over
    the table, hitched up her skirt & entered her from behind, calling out
    “We’re going to DO them! F#@K them! SHAFT them!”.

    To be honest, his presentation was the best & he won the contract. One of
    my colleagues (recently divorced) even got to ‘have a go’ on the girl
    himself. I thought about it but declined- my wife & kids have to come first
    in my life.

  3. qqq2211

    Great video thanks for posting 

  4. Prateek Deep

    Basic Marketing concepts to identify and hit your target market…!!!

  5. Twu Som


  6. Miftah Hebat


  7. Macgirl2008

    Excellent video! Really enjoyed it, and gained so much information also.

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  11. fatcat2939

    And by the way, Fantastic.

  12. Deborah Marion Lee Porras

    Miren este video : Marketing en buscadores, analytics y social enterprise
    por Andrés Lee

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    great info-looking forward to new updated videos

  14. Max Grieffie

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  16. globefreelancer

    You got some points there and i be back to watch more video, let me know.

  17. TellUsAboutItJanet

    hah I remember the war of the toothpastes

  18. Francisco Consuegra

    So clever video. Congratulations.

  19. Suzanne Rhodes

    Thanks for sharing the basics. I have been here before and It was fun to
    know that even though you reached far, the basics will always be the most

  20. Suzanne Rhodes

    Great video!

  21. Dean Gannon

    very helpful :) going for a job interview monday morning for a marketing
    job :)

  22. mercatorish

    Thanks for uploading.

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  24. 77sallu77

    tommorow my exam, thanks for the review! respeecta

  25. mcdudly00

    im thinking of studying marketing at university.. does any 1 reccomend it
    ?? also plz tell me if u make good money from it. and whats the pros and
    cons of it..

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