Email Marketing Basics – Part 1 — Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies on the Internet. Email marketing, if done the right way, c…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 The basics of marketing research, what you should know before you or your company does marketing research. Some basic questions y…

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Email Marketing Basics - Part 1
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    this is really good ! I am at a start of my career with mainly data analyst
    expirience and psychology degree and i have gotten interested in marketing
    by watching philip kotler – but this short video is so helpful getting the
    things very simple but to the point :) I really appriciate this
    explanation! Its awesome! you have a great talent for engaging a listener
    and getting to the point in explaining 😀 !!

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    Hi there! Pretty informative video on market research. Keep up the good
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    Hey Mark, i am wondering if market research is even proven to be effected?
    And how do you know you’re getting quality answers from the research
    especially from online research, i know the compensation has to do a great
    deal with it but it’s hard to believe this can actually be good research.

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    Nice video Mark – great style. What did you use for a camera?