Best in Chiropractic Patient Education & Marketing-“Yoga Basics”-LP1008S2

Preview of LifePath TV’s-Episode August 2010-Did you know that the lack of flexibility is the #1 aging factor? Rebecca Hagman, a certified yoga instructor, w…

5 Steps to Create Video Marketing Calls-To-Action [Flowchart]

Start with the basics – the action words – then add to your CTA as you refine the target. 2) Be Specific. Now that you've … The best way to add a timeframe to your CTA is by stressing its effectiveness – ”Sell your home in 30 days.” This bold claim …
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What's Happening for June (UPDATED JUNE 10)

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association Gulf South Chapter luncheon: 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Golden Nugget, Biloxi. Theme: Event planning. Cost: $ 20 members-students, $ 30 nonmembers. … Pay-one-price armbands for rides are $ 23, good for 5-10 p.m …

Product Pricing: Back to Marketing Basics

I mean, think of an attorney. How do we KNOW he's any good? We use his pricing, the opulence of his offices, etc as surrogates for how good he is. For my colleagues who offer social media marketing or other marketing services, this is a serious …
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Best In Chiropractic Patient Education & Marketing-"Yoga Basics"-LP1008S2
KnowThis: Marketing Basics 2nd edition offers detailed coverage of essential marketing concepts. This very affordable book is written by a marketing professor and covers the same ground as much more expensive books while offering its own unique insig

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