Basics for new users with Social Media Marketing Coach, Kerianne Mellott – How Twitter Use! – I’m tweeting away for years now! I am a marketing and social media expert who helps people to understand how to use aw … Video Rating: 4/5

20 of 20 Marketing Fundamentals: Professor Myles Bassell <. strong> Video Rating: 5/5


27 Responses to “Basics for new users with Social Media Marketing Coach, Kerianne Mellott – How Twitter Use!”

  1. tendreaudacieux

    Ntce ! Still very superficial and leading to the attention span of a BRIGHT
    hamster .. :)

  2. Homewood Fingerboards

    Basically what chrisjmcg said, very nice tutorial! My only thing is, being
    new to twitter and all.. how can one possibly keep up with tweets from
    people they are following? I’m following maybe 5 people (well not all of
    them are “people” so to speak) and I get hundreds of tweets every hour! It
    would take days just to read a few hours worth of tweets!

  3. UberjasonmaCODplayer


  4. ty seiez

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  5. Missa Belle

    thanks for this, you telling me about the “connect” part really helps, i
    was starting to think no one was responding, including direct messaging,

  6. therealbigmoneydub

    your welcome =) it was really helpful

  7. Nick Marino

    I learned nothing from this video. How about explaining how to send a tweet
    to someone I am following? Waste of time.

  8. MPC4Utube

    That’s not your fault, that’s because twitter has no instructions and
    you’re just supposed to magically just understand everything about it.

  9. MPC4Utube

    So far I have yet to get any form of instructions from anyone that
    supposedly uses twitter. This whole thing cannot even be used, no one
    explains anything. What’s a follower for example, how do you see your own
    tweets, how do you know where they are, or how to know if they got to where
    they were supposed to be, how do you even know they were sent. People act
    like twitter is some type of IM system and you’re somehow supposed to
    magically just know everything about it instantly.

  10. Masud Parvez

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  11. Anna Vlogs

    How to people find you???

  12. chrisjmcg

    @MarketingMadeEasy Thanks, Kerianne! I am brand new to the “twitter world”,
    and I found this video to be incredibly helpful, comprehensive, and
    educational in getting started. As a veteran teacher, I can say that your
    presentation skills are exceptional, but I’m sure you know that already!
    :-) This is EXACTLY what I was looking for – a solid, well explained
    tutorial. I will recommend this to others. Thanks again!

  13. chris reyes


  14. vis vis

    I FUkin HATE Twiter i got lost every time i sign in :/

  15. Major Wedgie

    Marketing is a variation of lying.

  16. Richard Recupero


  17. UKISS hea-rto

    hah , then really sorry , no one trying to tell u to respond to me -_- .?/

  18. Yuri Nate

    I finally understand this Twitter nonsense!! I don’t know why people use
    it.. it seems very stupid to me. But looks like it’s the only way to get
    your point across these days… so I just made an account. Yay! -_-

  19. Sofy Hasan

    Follow me @SofyHasan I will follow back

  20. Melissa Shew

    Very helpful.

  21. Jorge Bernardo

    Well, I guess I know more Twitter than I thought. Many concepts still
    confusing to me. Like hashtags! I use them, but not sure why…I make up my
    own like #twitterconfusion!

  22. Bryan Uriel

    Follow me @bryanyanez3 i follow back

  23. Bridgit Mendler

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  24. Utha Karla

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  25. Sam Gamgee

    Wow. Maybe you should get away from your computer/device and let the sun
    shine on you for a few minutes. It might just make you a happier person.
    Just a suggestion. You really are of no consequence to anyone at all, so do
    what you will.

  26. Peter Charles

    Just curious professor, do u have a course lessons on managerial and
    organizational concepts???

  27. Naz Ozman

    Gorgeous job professor Bassell, looking forward for global marketing

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