Affiliate Marketing Success Tip: Choosing Amazon Products I’ve always used a simple formula when choosing amazon products to promote or add to an affiliate site… the formula gained one criteria this week… it’s…
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Amazon wants to tell shoppers everything about diapers

Those reviews are likely to increase, and to give Amazon even more consumer data. That's because according to Experian Marketing Services, "moms of young children are eight times more likely to write and read online reviews than the average consumer." …

Amazon Nixes Another 'Click Through' State

But Amazon chose not to wait. Its affiliate marketing program operating agreement now includes Vermont, according to the article. “If at any time following your enrollment in the program, you become a resident of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri …
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Amazon lets marketplace sellers and buyers negotiate prices

Amazon, No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, says its new Make an Offer program enables shoppers seeking to buy those relatively rare items to negotiate with sellers directly. Let's say a baseball fan, eager to hold onto some of the glory of …

Affiliate Marketing Success Tip: Choosing Amazon Products
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