Affiliate Marketing Selling Amazon Products

Amazon Associates (Affiliates) Training Webinar-5 part series Too many Amazon affiliates are simply taught the wrong way to build websites. Unfortunately, th…

Why you should treat every SKU as its own line of business

Affiliate Marketing Selling Amazon Products

It's only by analyzing data this way that a retailer can optimize online marketing, says the digital marketing manager at e-retailer There are two types of retailers, those that sell one product … This type of retailer is utilizing …

100 Ways to Build Your Business Online

You even went out and found an awesome cheap hosting company, did some vital research on your market and set-up some social media accounts. But, you're just not bringing in the amount of … I have spoken at Pubcon, Affiliate Summit, SES, Adtech …
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App of the Week: SnapUp finds the best shopping deals with screenshots

The app works with a variety of online stores, including Amazon, Best Buy and Target. It is reminiscent to some degree with Seattle-based shopping research service, which was sold to eBay last year and promptly shut down. Here's a video that …
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Should Barnes and Noble and Kobo Suspend their Self-Publishing Programs?

Most indie authors sell far more through KDP than the others because they are exclusive or they spend 90% of their time marketing Amazon at the expense of other retailers, and because so many promo sites – like Bookbub – have a one-list-price rule that …
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