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12000 expected to attend concert at BG Ballpark

“Any event such as the 10K or any event that requires additional police services for traffic control has to be contracted for and paid for by the event” promoter. As of today, no … “I was told police were going to be around,” said Ken Clary, one of …
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Pure Pet Food Launches on PetOffers Affiliate Network

Dog owners looking to move away from highly processed commercial pet foods can rely on Pure to provide their best friend with healthy and natural meals that contain the same nutrients and goodness found in raw and home cooked foods. Available in four …

10 Key Outsourcing Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs

In terms of quotes I hear too often, here is my interpretation of his most common mistakes, which every entrepreneur should avoid at all costs, before these assume that outsourcing will be their salvation: “With outsourcing, we … But trying to use it …
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