1 of 20 Marketing Fundamentals: Myles Bassell

1 of 20 marketing video lectures by Professor Myles Bassell on this channel. Video Review : 4/5


4 Responses to “1 of 20 Marketing Fundamentals: Myles Bassell”

  1. Tusia Kovner

    BCG Model (from chapter 2, LO4, 10 e Kerin) is described sweetly here

  2. Dario mogollon olaya

    Great video! thanks for the info

  3. MrBlackcatzify

    great series, thank you :)

  4. Tusia Kovner

    yeah, this is an interesting and dynamic lecture with in-class
    conversations and good examples! It is very helpful for me as an online
    student because it covers out of chapter discussions, which i especially
    love! thanks

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