1-6 Cent Clicks With Mobile Advertising For Affiliates


BackPage is categorized much like Craigslist. Unlike Craigslist, Backpage.com classifieds welcomes affiliate marketing on its pages. You can post in multiple…
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2 Responses to “1-6 Cent Clicks With Mobile Advertising For Affiliates”

  1. niz76

    Hi Terry I recently discovered your youtube channel (it was the why you
    didn’t like amazon affiliate program video that brought me here) I feel
    like a blind man with a cane trying to figure out this whole internet
    marketing maze.. I started with my own site promoting a product i found
    locally (it’s stagnant and i haven’t made one sale) I started with a google
    adwords campaign- wasted a lot of money on “non converting keywords” and
    started to understand how internet sales work. I will be watching

  2. Szymon Pieter

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